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Woodland Today

The Modern Village

Today coal mining is only a memory to those members of the community old enough to recall this period of the village's past. In places the land bears the scars of mining, remains of tramways and tunnels can be seen and many pit heaps of shale lie hidden by grass, but coal plays no part in today's village.

Woodland is now a typical small rural community with most villagers finding employment in local towns and cities. Agriculture provides a living for a number of villagers, livestock rearing being the most suitable practice for such an upland area. The population of the village is now around 275 people. They are served by a primary school, a church, a chapel, a village hall, a shop/post office and a pub.

Villagers enjoy a good quality of life. Woodland is located in a beautiful area of the country. It stands 1100 feet above sea level and commands outstanding views of the Cumbrian Mountains to the west, the moors of North Yorkshire to the south and, on a clear day, the east coast and North Sea.

Village View

Entering Woodland on the B6282 from the lower village of Copley.

Although within fairly easy reach of towns and cities Woodland is on the doorstep of some of England's most unspoilt countryside. Teesdale and Weardale offer many opportunities for outdoor leisure and Hamsterley Forest, only 1 mile from the village, is a very popular attraction offering walks, bike rides and horse riding to name just a few of the available activities. The forest also provides suitable habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, including the threatened red squirrel.

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