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Photo Gallery 2

A selection of archive photographs, mainly from the early 1900s, showing aspects of Woodland's history. Click on an image to see a larger view.

Woodland colliery Miners, late 1800s

Woodland Colliery and coke ovens, now demolished, were so profitable a private railway, Woodland Branch Line, was built in 1873 to service the complex.

The coal miners who worked in Woodland Colliery. This is one of the oldest photographs featured dating from the late 1800s.

Nelson steam engine Woodland band

Woodland Branch Line was worked by 4 engines. This is 'Nelson'. The others were 'Eleanor', 'Toby' and another.

Woodland Miners Lodge band, Durham Miners Gala, 1924. The gala is still an annual event although there are now no working pits in Durham.

Woodland School Woodland School

Woodland School pupils in 1903. Built by the colliery in 1877 a new building was erected in 1968 which is still in use today.

A slightly later photo from 1919 showing Woodland School pupils and teacher in the classroom.

Beagling in Woodland Village view

Beagling in Woodland looking towards The Edge. Beagles are small hounds used to hunt hares. The space where the trees stand is now occupied by housing.

Looking up the village from outside the Edge Hotel (out of picture to the right). The trees to the right of the picture are those visible in the 'beagling' shot to the left.

Village view from below Woodland chapel

Entering the village from the south on what is now the B6282. This photograph clearly shows the old unmade road.

Woodland Methodist Chapel (right) with adjoining shop and Miners Welfare Hall, now Woodland Village Hall (left). All are still functioning.


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